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Newspapers and other online news sources from the 17th – 21st centuries: ... in Databases A-Z

A guide to historical and current newspapers and news sources, covering the 17th to 21st centuries. Includes searching tips, outline common problems and lists key resources available to Oxford scholars.

Searching in Databases A-Z

It is also worth checking Databases A-Z which has a dedicated section for newspapers.  However, please be aware that only a very small number of newspapers are listed by title in Databases A-Z.

From "All Subjects" choose “Newspapers”.   This will mainly return large collections and archives of newspapers. However, it will also return some databases which just cover one newspaper. For example, in the screenshot below we can see the Chicago Defender and the Daily Mirror. You’ll also find the Guardian, Times and FT in this list among others.

Please note – that this should NOT be your first port of call for specific newspapers – we subscribe to many newspapers which will not be listed here. However, it's definitely worth a try if haven’t found what you want in SOLO.

Guidance on finding newspapers in: SOLO  -  pre-1800 newspapers  -  British Library