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Newspapers and other online news sources from the 17th – 21st centuries: Citing newspapers

A guide to historical and current newspapers and news sources, covering the 17th to 21st centuries. Includes searching tips, outline common problems and lists key resources available to Oxford scholars.


Examples of newspaper citations

Printed newspaper:

Editorial, Philadelphia Inquirer, July 30, 1990.

Mike Royko, "Next Time, Dan, Take Aim at Arnold", Chicago Tribune, September 23, 1992.

Electronic newspaper:

"Policemen Round Up Sheep in City." The Guardian (1959-2003), Apr 24, 1962.

Printed newspaper:

Reference list: O'Dea, W. (2006) ‘Irish role in battle group concept will help to bolster UN’, Irish Times, 10 January, p.16.

In-text citation: (O’Dea, 2006)

Electronic newspaper:

Reference List: KEENAN, D., 2011, May 05. North voters go to polls today. The Irish Times (1921-), 6. (Accessed: 2 May 2024)

In-text citation: (Keenan, 2011)

Printed newspapers:

Hunter, Marjorie. "Johnson Antipoverty Bill Approved in House, 228-190, but Foes Balk Final Vote." The New York Times, 8 Maug. 1964, pp1+

Electronic newspapers:

Keenan, Dan. "North Voters Go to Polls Today." The Irish Times (1921-), May 05, 2011, pp. 6. ProQuest, (Accessed: 2 May 2024)