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Legal history: England & common law tradition: Legal history

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History of the common law legal tradition: quick start

Principal eresources for holders of an Oxford SSO.

Digital resources on the free web

The Law Bod is Oxford University's principal repository of printed sources for the history of the laws of England, and the past and present members of the United Kingdom.
Manuscripts and copies of incunabula - regardless of subject content - however are in the care of the Bodleian Special Collections in the Weston Library.

The Law Bod also has the principal collection for legal history research for those countries which are part of the common law tradition of law as a result of colonial history: the current members of the Commonwealth and the United States.

Below are some key resources for study & research in this area: please use other pages in this guide to discover more.

Word of warning using SOLO subject searches

Great Britain is the default for the landmass of the British Isles so

 Justices of the peace -- Great Britain may well include works on the JPs pre 1707 as well as after 1801!

However it is worth trying England as well ...

Location in Law Bod

Books with a shelf mark which begins Legal Hist are on Floor 2.  The Legal Hist section has the biggest concentration of works on the history of the common law, or the Anglo-American legal tradition both primary sources - such as year-books, Selden Society publications - and textbooks and monographs: from modern editions of eg Glanvill & Bracton onwards.
However since 2010, the Law Library has been reclassifying its monographs from the UK, Australia, Canada, Ireland, NZ and USA to Moys.  Therefore SOLO searches may reveal useful titles with a shelf mark which begins with a K.  These are also shelved on Floor 2.

Introductions in print

For an introduction to the genesis and distinguishing features of the original common law of England (and its companion casebook)

The context for the development of modern law:

Other Bodleian Libraries

The nature of legal history studies may mean that searches in SOLO show that one or more of the Bodleian Reading Rooms also have useful titles.
The Bodleian History & History Faculty Library are about 15 minutes stroll from the LawBod, back towards the city centre in the Radcliffe Camera, the Gladstone Link and the Upper Reading Room of the central/old Bod.
The Vere Harmsworth Library (USA Collection) is a 15 minute walk to the north.
The English Faculty & Social Science Libraries are our immediate neighbours.

Codrington Library, All Souls College
Looks favourably on applications to use its collections for advanced legal historical research

You may find these guides written by the subject specialists of the above named collections useful

Legal History Research Methods

Legal History Research Methods

See the chapter 'Historical Research in Law' by David Ibbetson in the Oxford Handbook of Legal Studies (link below)