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Legal history: England & common law tradition: 1216-1399

Legal History in England 1216 - 1399

Descendents of Counts of Anjou from death of John onwards commonly called
Plantagenets till 1399

Henry III 28 Oct 1216 - 16 Nov 1272

Edward I 20 Nov 1272 - 7 July 1307

Edward II 8 July 1307 - 20 Jan 1327

Edward III 25 Jan 1327 - 21 June 1377

Richard II 22 June 1377 - 29 Sep 1399

English legal memory starts from 3 September 1189. A tradition arising from royal compromise in the Statute of Quo Warranto (1290)

Some books for general background/context:

L.C. Hector ed "Reports, writs and records in the common bench in the reign of Richard II" Hunnisset & Post (eds) Medieval Legal Records (1978) at 268-288  can still help with any exercise involving trying to match the record on the roll to a "report" in a manuscript or early year book.

The Selden Society editions are at Legal Hist S464.4a. 

Don't neglect articles in journals - please see special Journals page in this guide for help with finding these.

Year books of Edward I & Edward III: free online

Year books of Edward I in the Rolls Series are freely available via

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