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Legal history: England & common law tradition: Authorities

Online sources of English legal authorities for holders of an Oxford SSO

OSCOLA (4th edition) classes the following as authorities in legal history, suggesting that they can cited using the following as standard abbreviations

Blackstone    Commentaries ..    Bl Comm
Bracton    On the laws & customs ...    Bracton
Brooke    Graunde Abridgement    Brooke Abr
Coke    Commentary upon Littleton    Co Litt
Coke    Institutes    Co Inst
Fitzherbert    Graunde Abridgement    Fitz Abr
Fitzherbert    Novel Natura Brevium    Fitz NB
Glanvill    Treatise on the Laws & Customs...    Glanvill
Hale    History of the Pleas of the Crown    Hale PC
Hawkins    Treatise on the Pleas of the Crown    Hawk PC

For the earliest centuries of printing , legal historians can benefit from general collections such as

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