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Legal history: England & common law tradition: Star Chamber

Court of Star Chamber & its archives

"Star Chamber, named after the star-spangled ceiling of the room where it met in the old palace of Westminster, was effectively the judicial arm of the King’s Council. It became a separate court of law after 1485, but was abolished in 1641. Its judges were normally privy councillors and the judges of the common law courts: they were responsible for administering justice directly and supervising other courts. Its business expanded significantly under the Tudors; in the 1530s Star Chamber dealt with about 150 cases a year but by 1600, over 700. Many Star Chamber cases, which frequently allege public disorder, riot, forcible entry and assault, were really private disputes about property rights. The court also investigated corruption in administration by officials and in the administration of justice, including corruption of juries, municipal and trade disputes, fraud, and disputes over the enclosure of land."
This is the opening paragraph of The National Archives Guide to the court's archive. Click on link below to read it in full

The guide also recommends Public Record Office Handbook No 21 The Court of Star Chamber and its records to the reign of Elizabeth I by JA Guy (HMSO, 1984), supplemented by TG Barnes ‘The Archives and Archival Problems of the Elizabethan and Early Stuart Star Chamber’, Journal of the Society of Archivists, ii (1963), 345-360.

NOTE: Lots of county record societies have worked on producing indexes and calendars to Star Chamber cases involving their county.

To find these on SOLO, use subject search
England.Court of Star Chamber -- Archives

and to be on the safe side Court records - England

Court of Star Chamber - published cases & commentary

CG Bayne and WH Dunham (eds), Select cases in the council of Henry VII ( 75 Selden Society)

IS Leadam (ed), Select Cases… in Star Chamber (16 Selden Society & 25 Selden Society,)

Author: Crompton, Richard, fl. 1573-1599.
Title: Star-Chamber cases Shewing vvhat causes properly belong to the cognizance of that court. Collected for the most part out of Mr. Crompton, his booke, entituled The iurisdiction of divers courts.
Date: 1630
is available in EEBO. Use STC and 6056 in the BIBLIOGRAPHIC NUMBER: box