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Legal history: England & common law tradition: 1483-1558

English law and legal writing 1483 -1558

Contemporary sources online
A considerable number of works from this period are now available in full text electronically via various databases.

The easiest way is to search for known titles/authors in SOLO. In the results, click on any green "Online resource" link. Then click on "Open resource in new window" link. Remember, if you have an Oxford Single Sign On, you can get access to these wherever you are by logging into SOLO with your username and password.

If you don't have a specific work/author in mind, searching the databases themselves (see links below) via eg keyword, or place+date of publication may be useful.

Contemporary writing in modern edtions

Regnal years

End of power struggle: House of York (last of Plantagenets) deposed by Tudor dynasty

Richard III 26 June 1483 - 22 Aug 1485

Henry VII 22 Aug 1485 - 21 Apr 1509

Henry VIII 22 Apr 1509 - 28 Jan 1547

Edward VI 28 Jan 1547 - 6 July 1553

Jane 6 July 1553 - 19 July 1553

Mary 19 July 1553 - 24 July 1554

Philip & Mary 25 July 1554- 17 Nov 1558

1483-1558:Government records