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Finding English Faculty Library Items: Introduction

Intended for students and researchers using the English Faculty Library, Bodleian Libraries.

Purpose of this guide

This guide is intended for students and researchers using the English Faculty Library, Bodleian Libraries. 

Use this guide to find out how items are organised in the English Faculty Library.


Items at the English Faculty Library are organised into one of a number of collections, which are listed below.

The majority of items are monographs, which are organised according the Library of Congress Classification scheme. However, a small number are still arranged according to the library's previous In-house Classification scheme. These schemes are looked at in more detail in this guide.

The majority of the library's items are housed in the Ground Floor and First Floor Reading Rooms of the English Faculty Library. Floorplans of these rooms are available at the link below.

Searching for English Faculty Library items

Items can be searched for in the first instance via SOLO, the main discovery tool for University of Oxford resources. The link below provides help with using SOLO.

From SOLO, it is possible to identify the shelf mark of an item held in the English Faculty Library by following these steps:

  1. Search for the item and click 'Find & Request' on the relevant record.
  2. Scroll to 'Locations' and select 'English Faculty Library'.
  3. Note the shelf mark, which is the alphanumeric sequence of characters to the left and the item's collection.
  4. Note any additional information.
  5. Find the item in the library. Navigate using signage and floorplans, or ask a member of staff for help.

Visit the tabs in this box for more information.

1. Enter the details of the item in the SOLO search bar and press the red magnifying glass to generate a list of results. Physical items will have a black 'Find & Request' link.

Screenshot of a SOLO search results page with the search, red magnifying symbol and relevant search result underlined in red.

2. Within the record, an alphabetical list of libraries provides an overview of the locations that hold the item. Click on 'English Faculty Library' to view availability.

3. Item specific information will appear on the screen, with the shelf mark and collection of the item appearing on the left.

4. Additional item information is also provided. In this instance, two of the English Faculty Library's copies are available, but one is 'library use only'.

Having noted the location, shelf mark and availability of an item, the final step is to find it within the library. Readers are invited to consult the signage and floorplans displayed throughout the library or to ask a member of staff for help. Floorplans are also available at the link below.


For help finding English Faculty Library items, including missing items and items not on SOLO, please visit the help desk or contact the library in the first instance. Visit the link below for details.

Additional sources of support are available. Visit the link below for more information.

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