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Business & Management: Global Healthcare Leadership

Subjects: Business, Management


This guide is intended as a resource for students and researchers studying Global Healthcare Leadership at Oxford, although students and researchers from any field may find it useful.

This guide contains:

Books and e-books on global healthcare leadership Databases for global healthcare research

A selection of titles from the Bodleian Libraries' collections which explore some of the key themes and issues in global healthcare leadership:

  • Leadership, management and governance
  • Evidence-based healthcare
  • Navigating challenges and crises
  • Health innovation
  • AI in healthcare
  • Health equity and global trends
  • The economics of healthcare

See also the Healthcare Management Collection in Business Expert Press, or search the library catalogue SOLO for further resources.

Links to a range of databases useful for researching and staying up-to-date with the latest insights in the healthcare field from around the world. These are listed under the following headings:

  • News sources
  • Industry reports and analysis
  • Global data and research
  • Leadership and management articles

For a full list of business and management databases, visit the Databases tab

Databases for global healthcare research

Books on leadership, management and governance

Books on evidence-based healthcare

Books on navigating challenges and crises

Books on health innovation

Books on AI in healthcare

Books on health equity and global trends

Books on global health systems

Books on the economics of healthcare