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Oxford Reading Lists Online (ORLO): Rollover

What is rollover?

The ORLO rollover process will automatically create draft copies of your current reading lists, which will need to be edited and published for the next academic year. This process takes place annually during the Long Vacation: the next rollover will take place w/c 4 July 2022. Please note that your existing lists will continue to be available to current students throughout the summer; the rollover process simply creates a separate copy of these lists to amend independently of the original. 

Tip: If you have been assigned as the list owner, the new draft lists will appear in the 'My Lists’ area of ORLO after rollover (you will need to be signed into ORLO to search for draft lists if you are not the named list owner).

For further instructions including 'What do I need to do?', 'What about digitised content i.e. scans of chapters and articles?' and 'Archiving Lists', please see the 'ORLO Rollover explained' PDF linked below. 

Questions and help

If you have any questions or require help with ORLO, please contact your ORLO library representative (see our contacts page) or email

Key dates

Please see the following key dates for the next ORLO rollover taking place in 2022:

  • Sunday 3 July. Deadline for final edits to 2021/22 lists. Any changes to the list must be published by this date to ensure they appear in the 2022/23 copy. 
  • Monday 4 July. Rollover takes place this week (N.B. edits cannot be made to reading lists during this time).
  • Monday 11 July. Edits can now be made to the new draft 2022/23 reading lists.
  • Monday 1 August. Annual CLA review checks on digitisations. All digitisations will be reviewed to determine if they are still eligible for scanning under the CLA licence. Any that requests that can no longer be shared under the licence will be taken down. Requestors will be contacted if any of their digitisations are removed. 
  • 6 weeks before Michaelmas Term (28 August). Publish the new 2022/23 list. This allows time for libraries to review lists, purchase content and make digitisations before the next academic year. 
  • Wednesday 31 August. 2021/22 lists are archived. Rollover is complete.

Rollover video