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Oxford Reading Lists Online (ORLO): Digitisations

Bodleian Libraries Digitisation Service

The Bodleian Libraries provide a digitisation service on behalf of the University. A digitisation (also known as a scan) is often one chapter/article or up to 10% per item, whichever is greater, and eligible under the CLA licence. These can be requested directly from an ORLO list and then the Bodleian Libraries will organise a digitisation to be created and uploaded. If the digitisation cannot be created under the CLA licence, a member of ORLO staff will investigate other routes (please see the 'ORLO digitisation routes' PDF below) within copyright restrictions. You will be contacted if the digitisation cannot be made.

How to request a digitisation from an ORLO list

  • Before requesting a digitisation, please check that there is no electronic copy available via SOLO. Link to the electronic copy if available.
  • If there is no electronic copy, bookmark the SOLO print record (see the bookmarking page) and click the three-dot menu button on the ORLO bookmark.
  • Select the request digitisation option from the drop-down menu.
  • In the digitisation request form, please enter the details about the specific chapter/article or pages that you would like to be scanned. Please take note of the 'This is a full chapter' box and untick if you will be requesting a specific page range rather than a full chapter. Click Next.
  • In the second page of the digitisation request form, please paste the unique digitisation code for your list into the course code field (please ask you subject librarian if you are unsure of what this is) and the full list title into the course name field.
  • The dates for the digitisation and student numbers will auto-filled if you added these details to the list when you created it. Please see the Admin and List creation page for further details.
  • Submit the request. You will receive an automatic message either stating that your request has been successful or referred for manual checking. A librarian will be in touch should your request be rejected to explain why and the next steps.

Video Tutorials

Digitisation guides

A detailed guide on how to request digitisations can be downloaded below. Please also see the digitisation routes PDF for details on how digitisations are approved in ORLO.  

Top tips

  • Copy the title and digitisation code: We recommend that you copy and paste the digitisation code and full list title into a Word doc or notes file before requesting a digitisation request. You can then copy this into the request form as you will not be able to copy this from the list once you start placing a request. 
  • Multiple ISBNs: If you go to place a digitisation request and get a choice of ISBNs from a drop-down menu, it doesn't matter which one you select as both will appear in the record for the ORLO Team who fulfil your request. Select any ISBN and continue to complete the form as normal. 
  • Chapter vs 10%: If you are requesting a scan of a full chapter, please leave the 'this is a full chapter' box ticked and include the chapter title in the request form. If you are requesting a specific page range, please untick this box and type in the required pages (N.B. this must be 10% or less of the title).
  • Deleting a bookmark: Before deleting a bookmark from an ORLO list, please check if it has a digitisation attached to it. If so, then please inform you ORLO Library Rep that you will be removing this bookmark and so the link to the digitisation so that they can manually withdraw the scan in the back system too. 
  • Reference pages: If you have the page numbers available to you, please separate the pages of the content and the bibliographic references into the separate parts of the request form (as shown in the screenshot below). It is not compulsory to include the reference pages in the request form.

Screenshot of the page range fields on the digitisation request form