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Legal history: England & common law tradition: Serfdom, slavery & abolition

Unfree labour: serfdom, villeinage, indentured servitude, slavery

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Serfdom -- England -- History    and Serfdom - England - History

Indentured servants 
Contract labor 

Slave labor
Slavery - law and legislation
Slaves -- Legal status, laws, etc
Antislavery movements
Slavery & abolition of slavery
Slave insurrections 

Note: Uprisings in the Caribbean slavery include - in Jamaica Tacky’s revolt (1760s) and Sam Sharpe's (1831/2), the Haitian Revolution (1789), Fedon (1790s) in Grenada, Bussa (1816) in Barbados. These names might also be useful search terms, perhaps especially in search of journal articles.

Slavery in the English colonies

There is a growing number of online resources on this topic available to anyone with access to the internet. The following does not pretend to be comprehensive, and is focussed on those showing the British role and legacy in trans Atlantic slavery. Most of these will also link to other online resources, so do explore their suggestions too!

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