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International law: origins & history: Sea trade

'Classical' Mediterranean beginnings

Lex Rhodia Basilica. Liber 53
Rhodian sea-law

Maritime law -- Greece -- Rhodes
law -- Byzantine Empire
Maritime law (Roman law)

Maritime law (Islamic law)
Kitāb Akriyat al-Sufun wa-al-Nizāʿ bayna Ahlihā

Maritime law : international trade

Maritime law -- Sources
Lex Rhodia
Rolls of Oleron
Consolat de Mar -- History;

Black Book of the Admiralty

Maritime law -- History

Freedom of the Seas


Piracy, Privateering and Prize Law

High Court of Admiralty

The HCA was, until the nineteenth century, a civilian court within a common law legal system. It heard both commercial and criminal case, as well as administering prize cases.