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International law: origins & history: Middle Ages: 800-1500

Christianity & natural law tradition

St Augustine

V Hrabar ‘La doctrine de droit international chez Saint Augustin’ (1932) 3–4 Archives de philosophie du droit et de sociologie juridique 428–46  Journal in Law Bod at Jurisp 300 A60

St Thomas Aquinas

ST 2–2, qu. 40

Summa Theologica Secunda Secundae Quaestio 40

Treatise on The Theological Virtues (Second Part of Second Part of ST) Question 40


Middle Ages: 800-1500

MPEPIL divides its into overview of the History of International Law into the following:

  • Basic Questions and Principles - an entry by Wolfgang Preiser
  • Ancient Times to 1648, by Wolfgang Preiser

The Law Bod has the print copy of this encyclopedia at Internat 500 E56c, but the online version has had a number of updates since the work was printed


Google books has digitized our copy of

Ernest Nys. Les origines de la diplomatie et le droit d'ambassade jusqu'a Grotius

Other titles available in Law Bod include

International trade