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International law: origins & history: 1815-1918

Hague Conferences

To do a subject search for commentary on these use

International Peace Conference

and International Peace Conference (2nd:  1907: Hague, Netherlands)

Finding aids

  • MacAlister-Smith, P. and J. Schwietzke, "Bibliography of the Textbooks and Comprehensive Treatises on Positive International Law of the 19th Century" 3 (2001) Journal of the History of International Law 75-142

Holders of an Oxford SSO can access this journal online via HeinOnline.

They should also consult the International Relations section of the database below

Impact of World War 1



  • History of international law, 1815 to World War I, by Hans-Ulrich Scupin.

The Law Bod has the print copy of this encyclopedia at Internat 500 E56c, but the online version has had a number of updates since the work was printed.

"Contemporary" overviews available in the Law Bod include

Wheaton Histoire des progrès du droit des gens en Europe et en Amérique : depuis la paix de Westphalie jusqu'à nos jours
(3rd edn, 1853)     Our volumes have been digitized by the google books project so are available as free downloads via link below

Travers Twiss The law of nations considered as independent political communities ..

Calvo (1822-1906) Le droit international théorique et pratique : précédé d'un exposé historique des progrès de la science du droit des gens of which we have the 3rd edn 1880-1881 and the 5th edn 1896 on Level 2 Internat 500 C169.2a5

Examining the (19th