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International law: origins & history: 1500-1640s

16th century context

Classic overview in print
Walker A history of the law of nations v. 1. From the earliest times to the peace of Wesphalia, 1648 (1899)  Internat 510 W185c

MPEPIL divides its into overview of the History of International Law into the following:

  • Basic Questions and Principles - an entry by Wolfgang Preiser
  • Ancient Times to 1648, by Wolfgang Preiser

Thirty Years' War, 1618-1648

The above is a subject search term in SOLO in its own right.

Theorists: Vitoria, Ayala, Bodin, Gentili,

Francisco de Vitoria c1483-1546

Balthazar Ayala, 1548-1584.

Jean Bodin 1530-1596

Gentili 1552-1608

His key publications have been translated into English:

De legationibus libri tres Internat 750 G338a (Classics of international law, no. 12) considering role of ambassadors.

De iure belli libri tres (1598) (Internat 750 G338b (Classics of international law, no. 16) 3 because he considers when war can be justified ad bellum,  rules during battle in bello and the roles of law after post bellum.

De armis Romanis has been translated more recently

Grotius 1583-1645