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International law: origins & history: India

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International law -- India -- History
India -- Foreign relations -- Europe
Europe -- Foreign relations -- India

East India Company -- History
Imperialism -- History 
India -- Colonization -- History 

Great Britain -- Colonies -- Asia -- History 
Great Britain -- Territorial expansion -- History 


Articles in MPEPIL

International Law, Regional Developments: South & South-East Asia
International Law, Regional Developments: Islam 
Islamic Approach to International Law 

Chapter 31 of Oxford handbook of the history of international law Internat 510 F249.5a (Holders of an Oxford SSO can read this online)

G Draper ‘The Contribution of the Emperor Asoka Maurya to the Development of the Humanitarian Ideal in Warfare’ (1995) 305 IRRC 192–206.

Dharma Yuddha (just war)
Adharma Yuddha (unjust war)
Dharmasastras (a code of laws governing the conduct of belligerents during war).

256 BC Thirteenth Edict (also known as the ‘Conquest Edict’ or ‘Rock Edict XIII’ [in NA Nikam and R McKeon (tr) The Edicts of Asoka (University of Chicago Press Chicago 1959) 27–30]) policy against future use of force and pro neutrality