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A guide to online resources for staff employed by Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
Subjects: Medicine

Purpose of this guide

This guide is intended for staff employed by Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust (OUH Trust).

Use this guide to find out about online library resources for OUH Trust staff, including ebooks, ejournals and bibliographic databases.


Ejournals are digital versions of regular publications (monthly, yearly, etc.) in which you will find academic and research articles. Visit our ejournals page for more information about finding and browsing electronic journals. 


Ebooks are digital versions of written works. Find out what ebooks are available to OUH Trust staff by visiting the ebooks page of this guide. 


Databases are collections of resources such as journal articles and conference papers, and also sometimes book chapters and reports. If you are doing a literature search or systematic review they are a key resource to use. Take a look at the databases page of this guide for information about some of the key health care databases. 

Point of care tools

OUH Trust staff have free access to clinical point-of-care tools, including BMJ Best Practice and DynaMedex. These evidence-based tools help health care providers answer clinical questions at the point of care. Find out more on the point of care tools page

Nursing and Midwifery

Our Nursing and Midwifery page is a collection of useful library resources for OUH Trust staff working in this field.  


OpenAthens logo

NHS OpenAthens is the single username and password for nearly all the library resources purchased for NHS staff. Find out how to sign up for your free account on the OpenAthens page of this guide. 

Knowledge and Library Hub

Knowledge and Library hub logo

The NHS Knowledge and Library Hub is a great way to search for all the resources available via OpenAthens. Find out more on the Knowledge and Library Hub page of this guide. 

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