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Legislation: South Africa

Subjects: Law, Law: Foreign Law


See Joubert's LAWSA v.25 for chapter on Statute Law and interpretation in South Africa.

National legislation is promulgated by publication in the Government Gazette. Bills are also published in the Gazette.

Printed resources

The LawBod's collection is historic only - see links below for ways to find legislation online

Citations to statutes

Acts are cited by short title (given in the Act itself), number and year in the first instance - subsequent citations to the same act may well be just number and year.

Fund-raising Amendment Act, [No] 115 of 1991.

As with English practice, acts are divided into chapters, sections, subsections, paragraphs and sub-paragraphs as needed.

Secondary legislation, proclamations etc are usually identifed by citations to the GG (Government Gazette) or RG (Regulation Gazette).

A comparative study