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Legislation: India

Subjects: Law, Law: Foreign Law

Indian legislation

Holders of an Oxford SSO should use a subscription database as their source for modern/current legislation.

For historic versions of pre-independence legislation they should see if LLMC-digital has scanned it.

For historical research try

Available to anyone with access to the internet

Citations to Indian statutes

Finding your way around an Indian act

  As you might expect, there are some similaraties between Indian and UK Act structure.

  • Firstl you have the short title of the Act (e.g. National Jute Board Act), which is used in citations, followed by the number and year, and the date it came into force.
  • This is then followed by the longer title (not normally used) and preamble.
  • The Act is divided into sections and subsections, which can be searched for in databases such as Manupatra.