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Legislation: Canada: provincial & territorial

Subjects: Law, Law: Foreign Law

Provincial Acts & Regulations on Subscription Databases

Legislation of Canada's provinces & territories


Alberta A/Alta
British Columbia BC
Lower Canada LC
Manitoba Man
New Brunswick NB

Newfoundland &

Northwest Territories NWT
Nova Scotia NS
Nunavut NU
Ontario O/Ont
Prince Edward Island PEI
Quebec Q/Que
Saskatchewan Sask
Upper Canada UC
Yukon Y

Canadian legislation in print

We recommend that you use an online source - see links in right hand column.

Our print collection of Canadian legislation (both federal & provinicial)  is historic only - most series ending the early 2000s. The volumes are now kept off site.

However should you wish to consult a printed volume, you can order them online via the Hold & Request sytem on SOLO.

Please ask a member of staff for assistance.