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Legislation: Canada: federal

Subjects: Law, Law: Foreign Law

Canadian federal legislation online

Canada Gazette

This is the official newspaper of the Government of Canada.The online PDF format of the Canada Gazette is accepted as the official text for issues after various dates in spring 2003.

Starting dates of Official online issues

Part I 5 April 2003
Part II 9 April 2003
Part III 14 May 2003

Canadian legislation in print

We recommend that you use an online source - see links in right hand column.

Our print collection of Canadian legislation (both federal & provinicial)  is historic only - most series ending the early 2000s. The volumes are now kept off site.

However should you wish to consult a printed volume, you can order them online via the Hold & Request sytem on SOLO.

Please ask a member of staff for assistance.




Citations to Canadian statutes

Cite laws by title (italicized), volume by year (if possible, cite to the latest Revised Statutes of Canada, abbreviated "R.S.C."), chapter ("c."), section ("s."), paragraph ("par."), and subparagraph ("subpar.") referenced: Canada Labour Code, R.S.C. 1985, c. L-2, s. 14.

You might find some statutes are abbreviated such as:

  • Criminal Code (C.C.)
  • Code of Penal Procedure (C.P.P.)
  • Code of Civil Procedure (C.C.P.)
  • Civil Code of Quebec (C.C.Q.)
  • Civil Code of Lower Canada (C.C.L.C.)