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Legislation: Australia: federal

Subjects: Law, Law: Foreign Law

Australian legislation: quick start

Federal legislation of Australia is freely available online from the following sources-

Citations to Australian statutes

The Australian Guide to Legal Citation advises using the short title of the act and year in italics, followed (where necessary) by the abbreviation for the jurisdiction in brackets.  

Law and Justice Legislation Amendment Act (No 4) 1992 (Cth)

If your work includes citations to acts from various English speaking jurisdictions, OSCOLA advises using (Aus) after the date for federal legislation.

eg Law and Justice Legislation Amendment Act (No 4) 1992 (Aus)

Table of Abbreviations to Australian States and Territories:


Commonwealth Cth
Australian Capital Territory ACT
New South Wales NSW
Northern Territory NT
Queensland Qld
South Australia SA
Tasmania Tas
Victoria Vic
Western Australia WA