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Legislation: Italy: Codes & Legislation

Subjects: Law, Law: Foreign Law

Italian legislation

The official organ of publication is the Gazzetta Ufficiale della Repubblica Italiana, but the LawBod doesn't have this in print. Nor do we have current collections of Italian legislation.


Laws are both dated and individually numbered within each year which means an abbreviated form is often used

For example where the full citation would be

Legge 26 febbraio 2011, n.10 this can be simplified to L. 10/2011.

If you need/want to refer to the official text of an act, add a reference to the issue of the Gazzetta Ufficiale in which it was published. This can be abbreviated along the lines of GU n.47 del 26-2-2011

Legge L
Decreto Legge D.L.
Decreto Legislativo D. Lgs.

How is Italian legislation made?

Italian law codes

Citing codes

Codes are divided into numbered articles - so citation is straightforward.

You may encounter citations in the form "ex art. 1 c.c." which means "according to article 1 Civil Code"

Abbreviations used

Civil Code c.c. or cod. civ.
Civil Procedure c.p.c. or cod. proc. civ.
Criminal Code c.p. or cod. pen.
Criminal Procedure c.p.p. or cod.proc.pen.