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Early modern history (British & W European c. 1500-c. 1800): Spanish sources

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Spanish sources

Actas históricas / Editor literario : Josefina Velasco Rozado.  Oviedo, 2004. Libro de actas desde el 20 de enero de 1672 hasta el 24 de noviembre de 1674

Colección de documentos inéditos para la historia de España; [ed.] por M. Fernandez Navarrete [and others]. 1-112 vols. (Madrid, 1842-95) [BOD: Soc. 2431 d.13]. Later title: Archivo documental español. Real Academia de la Historia (Spain). 1, 1950-

Accompanied by: Catálogo de la Colección de documentos inéditos para la historia de España / por Julián Paz et al. 2 vols. (Madrid, 1930-31).
Includes e.g. Correspondencia de Felipe II con sus embajadores en la corte de Inglaterra 1558 á 1584. 5 vols. (Madrid, 1886-1888).

Fuentes históricas aragonesas.[some sources are available online.]
Catalogued separately. Includes e.g. Estatutos y actos municipales de Jaca y sus montañas, 1417-1698 / Manuel Gómez de Valenzuela. (Zaragoza: Institución "Fernando el Católico", 2000).

Biblioteca Digital Hispánica (BNE): The Biblioteca Digital Hispanica offers digital access to collections in Spanish from the national library of Spain, including: manuscripts; books; maps; and photos from the fifteenth century onwards. Collections of interest comprise the exhibition on the War of Independence in 1808 as well as the Colección Hispanoamérica. The map collection also includes several British printed early maps of the Caribbean, North and South America. The digitised material is eclectic; the War of Independence exhibition includes maps, images, musical scores as well as manuscripts while the Hispanic Collection provides access to official documents and reports of the time. This is an incredible resource for anyone looking for Spanish primary sources from the 19th century, particularly those interested in the relationship between Spain and Latin America. It would also be useful for researchers of the 18th century as the collection of early maps is equally strong. (from Intute)

Archival resources

Portada del Archivo Histórico Nacional: The portal of the Spanish National Archives. Links to free database resources, e.g. PARES, Archive census-guide, historical legislation, etc. Also provide an introductory guide to their archives, bibliographical guide, classification, etc.

PARES: The Spanish Archives Portal (PARES) brings together in one single place a vast amount of digitised resources from all the main Spanish historical archives. It provides access to more than 11 million of full-text documents, manuscripts, maps and photographs from all periods of Spanish and European history, as well as catalogues of other materials not available for download. PARES is conformed by important archives such as: Simancas Archives; National Historical Archive (AHN); and the Documentation Centre of Historical Memory. Since the 'Archivo General de Indias' (Archives of the Indies) is part of the network, the site will also be useful for those interested in the cultural, social and economical exchanges between Spain and its colonies in America and Asia, especially during the early modern period.