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Early modern history (British & W European c. 1500-c. 1800): German sources


Luther in 1533 by Lucas Cranach the Elder

Luther in 1533 by Lucas Cranach the Elder

Using German archives?

Akte Kriegsanleihen

The German archival infrastructure is rather varied - and not always completely logical, but, as has been said before, historical! Thus, research can turn into a little challenge.

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German sources

Luthers Werke (Weimarer Edition) and Works of Martin Luther, The (via Past Masters)
Martin Luther (1483-1546) is one of the central figures in German and European history; a theologian, whose work changed the course of world history. Apart from his influence on faith and theology, and the cultural and political changes taking place in the western world during the 16th century, his contribution to the development of a unified German language is particularly outstanding. Luthers Werke on the World Wide Web reproduces the Weimar Edition in electronic form. The Weimar Edition, which is regarded as a monumental work in the field of theology and the German language, was first published in 1883 and includes 127 volumes.

Flugschriften des frühen 16. Jahrhunderts. [microfiches] hrsg. H-J. Köhler et al. (Zug: IDC, 1978-87) [BOD Microfiches 400]. Contains 5,000 pamphlets in German and Latin, printed 1501-1530 within the Holy Roman Empire.

Flugschriften des späteren 16. Jahrhunderts [1531-1600]. [microfiches] Series I and II, hrsg. H-J. Köhler et al. (Leiden: IDC, 1990-) [BOD Microfiches 870]. Continues the previous collection and contains 3,666 pamphlets. Particularly good for events such as anti-papist movement, persecution of Jews and Witches and religious and political upheaval following the Reformation.

Paas, John Roger, The German Political Broadsheet, 1600-1700 (Wiesbaden : O. Harrassowitz, 1985-).

Quellensammlung zur deutschen Geschichte. [Search SOLO.] Includes e.g. Quellen zur Geschichte der deutschen Königswahl und des Kurfürstenkollegs; herausgegeben von Mario Krammer. 2. Aufl. 2 vols. (Leipzig: B.G. Teubner, 1925-1932).

Publicationen aus den königlichen preussischen Staatsarchiven. [URR K.9.2] [Search SOLO.] Includes e.g. Briefwechsel Friedrichs des Grossen mit Grumbkow und Maupertuis (1731-1759); hrsg. von Reinhold Koser. Veranlasst und unterstützt durch die K. Archiv-verwaltung. (Leipzig, 1898).

Deutsche Reichstagsakten: This website, once complete, will provide access to the digitised records of the Holy Roman Empire's Reichstag, covering Ältere Reihe (1376–1485), Mittlere Reihe – Deutsche Reichstagsakten unter Maximilian I.; Jüngere Reihe – Deutsche Reichstagsakten unter Kaiser Karl V.; Reichsversammlungen 1556–1662. The resource provides parallel view of text and extensive commentary. Search functions include browsing (by person, place, etc.) and full-text searching. At the time of writing (22 July 2015), only Der Reichstag zu Regensburg 1556/57 is available. Search SOLO for printed copies.

Akten des Reichskammergerichts im Hauptstaatsarchiv Stuttgart / bearbeitet von Alexander Brunotte und Raimund J. Weber. 8 vols. (Stuttgart : W. Kohlhammer, 1998-2008)

Catalogues of German early printed books

Historical bibliography (Germany)