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Case law: online resources for common law countries: Australia

Australian citations

Media neutral citation for major federal courts and tribunals.
(The second link at the foot of this box will give you a full list.)

FCA Federal Court of Australia
FCAFC Full Court of above
FamCA Family Court of Australia
HCA High Court of Australia
ACompT Australian Competition Tribunal
ACopyT Australian Copyright Tribunal
IRCA Industrial Relations Court of Australia

Neutral citations for state courts usually start with the province identifier
eg VCC County Court of Victoria, WASC Supreme Court of Western Australia etc
(The second link at the foot of this box will give you a full list.)

The abbreviations used for the current authorised (preferred) Australian law report series are:

CLR Commonwealth Law Reports
FCR Federal Court Reports
ACTR Australian Capital Territory Rv
NSWLR New South Wales Law Reports
NTLR Northern Territory Law Reports
Qd R Queensland Reports
SASR South Australia State Reports
Tas R Tasmania Reports
VR Victoria Reports
WAR Western Australia Reports

Other commonly encountered commercial report series are

ALR Australian Law Reports
ALJR Australian Law Journal Reports
FLR Federal Law Reports
FamLR Family Law Reports

Finding Australian case law report series and court transcripts online

New to Australian law?

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