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Case law: online resources for common law countries: Singapore

Singapore citations

Neutral citations

SGCA – Singapore Court of Appeal

SGHC– Singapore High Court

Major law report series

SLR Singapore Law Reports

Note  re SLR and SLR(R)

Since the Singapore Supreme Court Practice Direction No.4 of 2009 the preferred law report series for citing Singapore cases (decided between 1965 and 2009) in court has been the SLR(R).

The Law Bod only has the old Singapore Law Reports (1965-2002) in print.

Our subscription to Singapore Legal Workbench gives current members of the University access to both SLR and SLR(R) online. If you enter the old SLR citation for a case into the subscription database, where applicable, the results include the Reissue version of the report.

What is the difference between SLR and SLR(R)? In 2010 volumes called Singapore Law Reports (Reissue), cited as SLR(R), were published "with re-written headnotes for the reports from 1965–2002, and re-edited judgment texts, that conforms to the SAL house-style."


Singapore cases

Printed resources to be found on Level 1 of the Bodleian Law Library

The Singapore Law Reports (1992-present) Cw Sing 105

The Singapore Law Reports (1946-49, 53-56) Cw Malay Sing 100

Straits Settlements Law Reports [c1893-1941/42] Cw Malay Str Sett 130 


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