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Caribbean Studies: News resources


News and newspaper resources are useful to find out about key events, people and places.

On this page you will find out about the different historical and current news and newspaper resources, print and online, and how best to locate and use them.

News resources

The Bodleian libraries provide access to a wide range of current and historical news sources for Caribbean Studies.

You can also search for specific news databases via SOLO. Note, some key texts may be available via a database but not individually listed on SOLO.

Help with news databases

For those seeking advice on accessing news databases, we recommend the following guides:

Below are key news databases applicable to those studying Caribbean studies at Oxford.


Depending on the database provider, you may need to use your Oxford Single Sign On to access materials.

Below a tutorial about how to use FBIS 

Key printed Caribbean newspapers including the following ones are held in Bodleian Libraries.

Search SOLO, Oxford Libraries' catalogue, to locate them.

Some historical newspapers relevant for Caribbean studies available online are:

The sites below provide links to Caribbean newspapers.

Libguide: Newspapers and other online news sources