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Submitting your thesis to ORA: Visibility of your thesis


This page details how depositing to ORA increases the visibility of your thesis.

Visibility of your thesis

Print copies of theses may have a limited impact: obtaining them can be slow and difficult and they are sometimes delivered in microfilm format which is disliked by many users.

It has been demonstated that provision of electronic versions of theses results in a spectacular increase in access. For example, see the figures produced by Virginia Tech University in the US.

Because ORA complies with international standards for indexing and metadata/cataloguing and is registered with international repository registries, its content is highly visible. It is accessed by web search engines and its records can be 'harvested' by external services such as EThOS, the British Library thesis service. 

A record page is created in ORA when your work is deposited. This record page shares its metadata with the Bodleian Libraries catalogue - SOLO. Additionally abstract and record details are passed to the British Library and EthOS. ORA records are frequently prominant in Google search results and through the link with EthOS are indexed in Google Scholar. 

ORA also has an additional feature referred to as 'Hits & Downloads'. Each record page aims to record some interaction that is being made with the ORA record and the page records, number of visits to the record page 'Views' and number of 'Downloads' made of the full text. 

Inclusion in EthOS


All D.Phil., D.M. and D.Clin.Psych thesis records deposited in ORA are harvested by EThOS, the UK thesis service hosted by the British Library.  

Please be aware that only the record/metadata will be available via EThOS, not the full-text file/s.  

If for any reason an author does not wish their thesis record to be included in EThOS, they should contact ORA staff at