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Submitting your thesis to ORA: How to deposit


This page is a guide to using the ORA deposit system. A more detailed and visual guide can also be downloaded from this page.

Getting to the deposit form

  • Go to
  • Click on Deposit then Deposit Thesis.
  • Click Sign in with SSO if your Oxford Single Sign-on account is still active, or login with your ORA user information (an ORA depositor account can be requested from this page).
  • Once logged on, you will be directed to your dashboard. From here you can resume or edit a previous, partially complete submission, or you can start from scratch by clicking Add new work, then selecting Thesis.

Using the deposit form

There are seven short pages to complete, which can be freely navigated using the numbered tabs at the top of the page, or by sequentially clicking 'continue' at the bottom.

* Mandatory fields are marked required

You can save your work at any time using the Save button in the top-right.

  1. Details: Enter your thesis title, abstract (if you have two, please use the short one) and all keywords and subjects (clicking +Add another between each one).
  2. Contributors: Your details should automatically be entered, but can be amended or added to. Leave the role 'Depositor' in place and + Add another Role to confirm that you are also the 'Author'. You should also add your supervisor's details by selecting +Add another Contributor.
  3. Bibliographic Details: Add your thesis language, degree name and leave to supplicate date.
  4. Funders: It is important to add funder information (name and grant number) if your thesis was funded, and the form will allow you to add as many funders as you have.
  5. Licence and Rights: Add the rights holder (normally you unless you have transferred rights to a publisher or another body) and the copyright date (usually printed on the title page of your thesis). You may also add a licence to specify reuse for your work - if you don't, the default ORA licence will be applied (does not permit reuse). The 'Deposit note' section allows you to add any further miscellaneous information you think is important to tell us.
  6. File Upload: It is usually best to save your progress before attempting to upload files. Click +Choose files or drag and drop them in and click Start upload once they have appeared and fully loaded at the top of the screen. You can then select version and embargo information for each individual file. Please note that by uploading your files to ORA, you are agreeing with our ORA deposit licence agreement.
  7. Related Items: On this optional page, you can add information about related items, including published papers derived from your thesis work, or underlying data.

When you are satisfied that you have completed the form fully and correctly, click Submit in the top-right of the page. This will once again save your deposit form and take you to a final submission page. Click Submit for Review.

What happens next?

  • Once you have submitted your thesis for review you will be returned to your dashboard. Your thesis will show as submitted and will no longer be editable.
  • You will receive a notification via email that your deposit has been received.
  • ORA staff will review your deposit (this may involve adding/editing metadata and/or contacting you for clarifications). This may take a few days.
  • You will be sent a further email when your thesis deposit has been reviewed - at this stage you have met the deposit requirement for graduation, you will be able to access your thesis record page from ORA (and SOLO when indexed) but you may still be asked for further information or documentation.

Grant of Licence

Before you deposit your thesis in ORA you will need to agree to the ORA grant of non-exclusive licence. This licence sets out both the depositor's and the Bodleian Libraries' responsibilities. It is necessary so that the Bodleian Libraries are able to store your thesis for the long term and make it available via ORA.

Each depositor (whether academic staff, administrator, graduate research student or other party) is required to read and agree to this agreement when submitting each item.

This agreement may be made by a person depositing an item on behalf of the author

About this deposit licence

This deposit licence sets out the terms on which you may deposit any work in the Oxford University Research Archive (ORA). A list of defined terms is included at the end of the deposit licence.

Please read the deposit licence carefully before depositing any work in ORA. By depositing any work in ORA, you confirm that you accept the terms of this deposit licence.

Copyright in the thesis usually rests with the author: this does not change when depositing your thesis in ORA. The author does not give away any rights to the Oxford University Research Archive or the Bodleian Libraries. However, please see information on third party copyright.

Deposit guidance

Do you have the correct username and password?

Single Sign-on

To deposit items, you will need to use your Oxford Single-Sign-On (aka WebAuth, Herald, WebLearn) username and password. For details see 

Alumni University members (or if your Single-Sign-On has expired) should request a depositor account or contact

Please note that this is not a login for any other University of Oxford service. For details on how to become part of the Oxford Alumni, see the University's Alumni site.