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Submitting your thesis to ORA: Embargo


This page explains the embargoes that depositors can place on their thesis files when they submit to ORA.


On deposit you have a choice of selecting immediate release for your thesis via ORA, or a choice of a 1 year or 3 year embargo period (starting from the date you were granted leave to supplicate), enabling you to pursue publishing all or part of your research as a printed monograph or journal article(s) should you wish. If you want to extend the embargo on all or parts of your thesis beyond a 3 year period you will need to apply for dispensation from consultation. You may change access to your thesis to open access at any time during the embargo period, but may wish to consult with your supervisor before doing this.

If you are in receipt of funding the length of the embargo to be applied may be determined by the terms of your funding grant. If your are in receipt of RCUK funding please see the Funder/sponsor requirements section of this LibGuide.

ORA staff will send confirmation of which embargo period you have selected and the date that this embargo period expires to you upon creation of your thesis record page in ORA. 

Your thesis will be made available at the end of the applied embargo period unless you have opted for immediate Open Access or been granted dispensation from consultation. 

Dispensation from consultation

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