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St Hilda's: How to borrow, renew, return and request

Loan allowances

You may borrow up to 25 books at any one time.

You are not able to borrow any Reference books, these are library use only books.

Loan Type Loan Length
Standard Loans (in term time) Two weeks*
Short Loans (in term time) One day
Vacation loans (Standard and Short Loans) Until the start of the next term

 *If a book you have on loan is requested by another user you will have 48 hours to return it to the library.

The return dates are listed on the self-service machine at the time of issue and the dates can be viewed on your 'My SOLO'' account. You will also receive email reminders listing the books that are due back before they are due.

Borrowing books

You can borrow books using the self-service machine or bring them to the library desk during staffed hours.

To use the self-issue machine:Self-service machine

  1. Tap borrow. 
  2. Scan your Bodleian card.
  3. Place the books in a pile on the glass plate.
  4. Check the screen to make sure all the books have been scanned.
    - If the book details don't appear on the screen, try scanning in the barcodes using the silver metal scanner or come to the library desk.
    - If it still doesn't work and there are no staff available email a picture or details of the barcode from inside the front of the book to library Library staff will issue it to you remotely when they return.
  5. If you need a receipt, tap the 'Print Receipt' button, otherwise tap 'Finish' and your transaction is complete!

Renewing books

Books can be renewed up to three times* online via your 'My SOLO' account.

If you still need them after that, you can take them to the issue desk to be reissued to you. Alternatively, you can return them at the self-service machine and then immediately reissue them to your account.

*Please note that it is not possible to renew short loans or books that have been recalled.

Requesting a book

If a book you would like to borrow is on loan to someone else you can request it using 'My SOLO'.

  1. Make sure you are logged in to SOLO. 
  2. Search for the book you would like to borrow. 
  3. If the book is on loan it will have a due date to the right of the shelfmark as you can see below.
    Click on the green 'Request' button next to this and then on the next page 'Send Request'Picture showing the green request button to the right of the book details under 'Locations'.
  4. The book will be recalled for you and should be available within two to three days.
  5. Once the book is available for collection we will email you.
  6. Collect the book from the ‘Reserved’ shelf near the self-service machine and check it out.
    The book will remain on the shelf for two days. If you don't collect it the book will be returned to the library shelves for others to borrow.

Returning books

Return books using the self-service machine or come to the library desk.

To use the self-service machine:

  1. Tap 'Return'.
  2. Place the books on the glass plate.
  3. Check the titles appear on the screen to make sure they are returned.
    - If it does not work, try scanning the barcodes inside the book with the silver metal scanner or bring them to the library desk.
    - If it still does not work or no-one is available, please leave the books at the library desk and email us the titles of the books you have returned.
  4.  If the item has been recalled by another reader, a message to that effect will appear. Place the book on the "Recalled items" shelf on your right.
  5. Tap 'Finish' and place the returned items on the shelves to your right. 

Gate Alarm

If the alarms go off on the security gates:Gate alarm just inside the main entrance to the library
1. Return to the self-service machine and check that you have issued all items correctly
2. If the alarm persists, send details of your name, time, barcode and details of the book to

As long as you email us, you are free to take the item!

Library staff follow up any unreported alarms using the security software and will issue the books remotely to your account. Please respond promptly to any emails otherwise you may be charged for the missing books.


If your Bod card is not recognised by the self-service machine, please see Library staff at the Issue Desk.

My SOLO account

'My SOLO' is your personal account on SOLO which allows you to keep track of what you have borrowed and requested. From here you can renew and request books and save any searches or records.

You can log in using your Oxford Single Sign On username ( and password.

For information on how to log in and use My SOLO, visit the Bodleian's information page.


Fine are £1 per item per day for Short Loan books and those that have been recalled by another reader.

There are currently no fines for books that have not been requested by another reader and are on a standard loan.

All fines need to be paid before the end of term; otherwise, the Accounts Office will invoice you for the outstanding amount, and a £5 administration charge will be added.

To pay the fine, go to
In the 'Invoice number' box enter "Library Fine".
You will receive a confirmation email of your payment, please forward this to
Once we have received this confirmation, we shall remove the fine from your record.
Please be aware that there might be a slight delay for transactions made outside office hours.

Lost and damaged books

If you have lost a book or are unable to return a book please speak with the library team or email

If you do not return an overdue book by the end of the term we will contact you to ask you to bring it back to the library.

You will be charged the cost of a replacement book plus a £5 administration charge for any books that are lost or not returned.