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The Senedd Cymru/Welsh Parliament  is the devolved assembly with power to make legislation in Wales.

Senedd Cymru was created by the Government of Wales Act 1998, following a referendum in 1997. The Senedd comprises 60 members, who are known as Members of the Senedd (MS) who are elected for a four-year term. The Senedd took over the responsibilities and powers of the Welsh Office and the Secretary of State for Wales. The Government of Wales Act 2006 gave the Senedd limited law-making powers. A referendum on the 3 March 2011 has now made it possible for the Welsh Assembly Government to legislate without consulting the UK Parlimanet in the areas that have been devolved.

Parliamentary and departmental publications

In areas such as defence, for example, Wales still comes under UK sovereinty. Please see the 'Parliamentary Papers 2000-' tab to access current material.