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Parliamentary Papers, Proceedings and Departmental Papers : UK: Parliamentary material 12th-18th century

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Parliamentary material 1500-1800

Image shows bound Journals of the House of Commons

The earliest Parliamentary Papers were produced at the beginning of the English Civil War and issued as part of propaganda used to foster support for the parliamentary cause. The restoration of monarchy saw publication cease for 50 years.

The arrangement of Parliamentary Papers printed before 1800 is complicated. Until the beginning of the 19th century no orderly way of preserving the papers had been implemented, although papers deemed important enough had been published in the Journals of the House of Commons (1547-) and the Journal of the House of Lords (1510-.) There is a full set in the Official Papers section on open shelf, please ask staff for assistance. 

For information on early debates and the House of Commons and Lords journals please see the 'Parliamentary Proceedings/Hansard' tab.