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International Criminal Law: Terrorism

Terrorism & Counter-Terrorism

Subject searches to use in SOLO
Terrorism (International law) 
Terrorism - Prevention - International cooperation
War on Terrorism 2001-2009
War on Terrorism 2001-2009 - moral and ethical aspects
Asymetric warfare 
Targeted killing - moral and ethical aspects
International criminal law
Money laundering
Diplomatic relations
​Self-determination, National

For domestic legal responses:
Criminal law
Terrorism - law and legislation
Terrorists -- Legal status, laws, etc. -
Terrorism - Prevention - Law and legislation

War and emergency powers --  
National security -- Law and legislation --  
Terrorism -- Government policy 
Terrorism investigation 
Civil rights 

Context and biography of "terrorist" movements
Ethnic groups -- Political activity
Minorities -- Political activity 
Terrorist organizations + country

Terrorism -- + country-- History eg Terrorism -- Northern Ireland -- History
Terrorism -- + country -- Religious aspects
[religion] fundamentalism -- + country eg Buddhist fundamentalism -- Sri Lanka
[religion] and politics + country eg Hinduism and politics - India

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