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Politics and International Relations: Getting Started

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Politics & IR Collections

Main collections

is the principal library for supporting departmental reading lists for politics & international relations at the University, along with new research books and journals and contemporary works (including those acquired via Legal Deposit).

Associated collections

The Modern Papers Section in the Weston Library

holds special collections including the Conservative Party Archive and the papers of key 20th Century political figures. The Bodleian Law Library is also home to the Official Papers Section which holds both British official papers and the publications of international agencies.The History Faculty Library holds works relating to pre-1945 international relations, and other Bodleian Libraries such as the China Centre Library hold specialist area studies collections.

holds the largest social science collection in a College Library, including politics and international relations collections relating to the interests of College members since 1937.

For further information contact the Bodleian Social Science Library, or Jo Gardner direct.

New resources

This free resources uses secondary data sources, such as the International Air Transport Association (IATA), media reports and information direct from IOM missions. It maps and analyses the various country, territories and areas imposing restrictions. It includes a current maps and reports. It covers border controls. Aircraft and other transport movements.
This aims to track and compare government responses to the coronavirus outbreak worldwide, and will continue to be updated throughout the crisis.It includes API data for researchers and will enable stringency to be mapped with infection rates.
The latest print & online resources in Politics and International Relations acquired by the Social Science library.