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Hertford College Library: Information for tutors

Information for tutors

The Library offers the following services to support tutors:

Scans of key chapters/excerpts from books

If you want to share a key chapter/excerpt from a print book you can currently access then the Library can assist in supplying this legally to your students as long as it is included in the University’s HE CLA license.

How much can be scanned?

In most cases up to 1 chapter or 10% of a book can be scanned.  

How do I organise a scan?

  1. You contact me with the details of scan you want to make.
  2. Library staff will check it’s possible under the CLA license.
  3. The Library can make the scan, or tutors can supply an existing scan.
  4. Library staff will edit the PDF, add a copyright coversheet and supply the file to the students.  We’ll do the necessary reporting to the university to meet the license terms. In most cases the PDF will be supplied via ORLO.

Ebook purchasing

We are currently working with the Bodleian subject librarians to purchase ebook access to key texts where possible.  Purchased ebooks will show in SOLO library catalogue and can be accessed by all members of the university remotely.  Suggestions for purchases are welcome.

Checking reading lists

If you have a reading list and want to know which items are accessible remotely (including via the new temporary ebook sources not currently listed in SOLO) then please send me your list and library staff will send you an annotated version back.  Library staff can also try to buy ebook versions of items currently only available in print.

Library staff can also convert your lists to make them available via ORLO - here's an example of a list (SSO required).

Support for students - purchasing resources

If students need a specific book, encourage them to send requests to me and library staff will help them source print and ebooks. If necessary, library staff can purchase print books and send them directly to students.  These will then be added to the Library when the students are able to return Oxford.

Research skills support

The Librarian is also offering one-to-one sessions via Teams to help students carrying out research for projects or theses to demonstrate ways to search for resources online in SOLO and beyond. Please do encourage your students to contact her if you think this could be helpful.

Contact the Library

Alice and Katherine pointing at their name signs in the LibraryEmail symbolby email: 

Phone symbolby phone: 01865 279409

Person symbolin person: the Library Office is in the ground floor entrance of the Library in the Old Buildings Quad, Hertford College, Catte St, Oxford, OX1 3BW

Building project

The Library is currently having a major renovation project from 2023 to 2026. Temporary services are available from the Holywell Library and Warnock Reading Room.