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Hertford College Library: Using the Library

Contact the Library

Alice and Katherine pointing at their name signs in the LibraryEmail symbolby email: 

Phone symbolby phone: 01865 279409

Person symbolin person: the Library Office is in the ground floor entrance of the Library in the Old Buildings Quad, Hertford College, Catte St, Oxford, OX1 3BW

Library rules

The Library’s study spaces are open 24/7 to Hertford members only and are often in high demand. As a community we keep this a comfortable working space by:

  • Keeping phones on silent and taking calls outside the building
  • Keeping conversation to a minimum (that’s right – shhhhhhh!)
  • Using keep cups or water bottles for drinks and not bringing food into the Library.
  • Leaving a yellow slip on study desks if taking a short break or removing belongings from desks if leaving the Library for longer. Desks will be cleared by library staff regularly.