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Hertford College Library: Equipment

Handy equipment to support your studies

We aim to provide useful bits of kit in the Library to make the library a comfortable and convenient place to study.

Please contact us if you have suggestions about equipment to add to the library or would like to borrow a piece of equipment.

Available to use in the library

Desks and Chairs

There are two electric height adjustable tables in the Holywell Library and two in the Warnock Reading Room. Most of our chairs are wheeled and height adjustable. Some also have high adjustable backs.  

Adjustable table with high back chair, lamp and book rest

Coloured paper

As well as white A4 printer paper, a selection of other shades are available next to the printer in the Holywell Library.  If you have a preferred colour for printing, please let us know.

Coloured acetates and magnifying glass

A selection of A4 coloured acetates, reading rulers and a magnifying glass are available next to the wellbeing and study skills books in the Holywell Library.

Coloured reading rulers

Daylight lamp

There is one desktop daylight lamp, normally found by the wellbeing and study skills books in the Holywell Library.  There are also general desk lamps throughout the library.

Book stands and laptop rests

There are adjustable wooden book stands and adjustable laptop stands throughout the library.  

Book stand

Rests and supports

There's a mouse mat and wrist rest, foam back rest and foam foot rest in the Library

Wrist rest and mouse mat

Phone chargers

There's a selection of different types of phone chargers next to the wellbeing and study skills books in the library's ground floor.

Phone charger cables

Available to borrow from the library office

Keyboards and mice

We have two types of ergonomic keyboard and 4 ergonomic mice available to borrow as weekly loans from the Library Office.


External DVD player

Watch the library's DVD collection on your laptop, even it you don't have a built in DVD player. Available to borrow from the Library Office.

External DVD reader/writer


If you want to listen to something via your laptop or the library PCs we have a pair of headphones available to borrow from the Library Office.


Locker keys

Keys for the lockers in the Holywell Library can be borrowed on a 1 week renewable loan from the Library Office.