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Chinese Studies: e-Books

Chinese e-Books (Chinamaxx)

讀秀/Duxiu: a Chinese language e-Book platform as a part of Chinamaxx

• Access to abstracts and contents pages of several million e-Books

•IP login (VPN needed),  Keywords and full-text searchable

• Immediate access to some titles using 图书馆文献传递 via email (with a limit on the number of pages allowed)

Wenshi Ziliao 文史資料: a collection of Chinese literature and history database as a part of Chinamaxx .

  • The primary source contains full texts of more than 20,000 volumes (500,000 articles) of publications on history, culture, politics,  economy, literature and ethnicity etc.
  • Key words and full-text searchable
  • Browse by regions and provinces 

SuperStar Digital Library 超星數字圖書館 

  • Check the box marked as "试读全书库"
  • The first 17 pages of each book may be viewed and the entire book is available to select upon recommendations
  • Search by titles, authors, subjects, ISBN and keywords
  • Browse by subjects


Chinese local gazetteers 中國方志庫

  • A collection of more than 2000 historical local gazetteers dating from the Song dynasty until the Republican era
  • Select 中國方志庫 初集 to access
  • Full-text searchable and IP login (VPN needed)

Modern Local Gazetteers 新方志(Wanfang)

This database gives access to more than 55,000 works of post-1949 local gazetteers from China. The fulltext of the gazetteers can searched through and the database can also be browsed either by different provinces, districts, counties and cities but also by subject (such as traffic, industry, education and culture). Local gazetteers contain valuable details and accounts on larger and smaller administrative units of the People's Republic of China and thus provide important source materials for studying modern and contemporary China. More than 3 Mio PDFs of individual chapters are available for reference and download.


Classical texts

Siku Quanshu 四庫全書

中國古代最大的一部叢書. 全書分為經、史、子、集四部,內容涵蓋哲學、歷史、文藝、政治、社會、經濟、軍事、法律、醫學、天文、地理、算學、生物學、農業、佔卜等.

IP login (VPN needed). Internet Explore only. Full-text searchable

明清實錄Mingqing Shilu

Select "Ancient Classics" then login (IP login and VPN needed)

Select  數字叢書 then 明清實錄

CHANT (CHinese ANcient Texts)漢達文庫 (Chinese University of Hong Kong)



Chinese Text Project (Ctext) 中國哲學書電子化計劃(Donald Sturgeon)

An online open-access digital library that makes pre-modern Chinese texts available

Reports and Yearbooks

Pishu 皮书: China Economy, Public Policy, and Security Database

  • High-value analytical reports
  • Topics including international relations, agricultural policy and industrial competitiveness
  • Full-text searchable
  • Browse and filters: Thematic keywords, Geographic keywords and Geographic level

China Statistical Yearbooks Full-text Database 中國統計年鑒數據庫(CNKI)
Please note that to access the latest data the Chinese version of the database should be used. To open the files from the Chinese version the CAJ browser software is needed. The English version of the database is updated with a delay necessary for translation