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Chinese Studies: Books

Chinese language books available via SOLO

Chinese catalogue records from the separate in house allegro have been migrated and integrated into the standard Bodleian library management system and can be discovered via SOLO. They can be searched in simplify or traditional Chinese Characters, or in pin yin.

Chinese language books and more

Chinese allegro catalogue (beta):  Chinese language collections

Use traditional characters and  non-aggregated pinyin to search

  • Title search : use the full title of the book                  
  • Author search: use the author's name in non-aggregated pinyin (lu xun or Zhou Shu Ren) or  traditional characters (魯迅 or 周樹⼈)
  • Subject browse: use the alphabet (a-z) to browse the available subjects
  • Shelfmark search/browse: use arch, backhouse, c, sinica or ms to browse or use the full shelfmark

Location of a book (藏館) with a shelfmark shows where a book is:

  • 藏館 CCL: Collections in the China Centre Library reading room
  • 藏館 BOD with a shelfmark of  Chin and an "order this book" link : Collections in the Book Storage Facility that can be ordered and delivered to a reading room
  • 藏館 EAL: Collections in the Art, Archaeology and Ancient World Library
  • 藏館 BOD without an order link but with other shelfmarks such as arch, backhouse or sinica: Chinese special collections held in the Weston Library
  • Others in a specified library

Alternatively use four corner catalogue (四角目錄).

Chinese pre-modern collections

Serica: Bodleian pre-modern collections of Chinese studies and a subset of the Chinese allegro catalogue

  • Traditional sibu classifications
  • Chinese original script (traditional characters)
  • Access to parts of Bodleian Library's Chinese pre-modern collections that have been digitized

History and scope of the Chinese collections (available from Chinese Manuscripts & Rare Books subject guide)

  • Early collecting
  • Eighteenth and nineteenth centuries collections
  • Missionary collections
  • Twentieth century collections

Search SOLO

Conspectus of Chinese shelfmarks

Conspectus of Chinese shelfmarks:

The conspectus records information on date of acquisition, provenance, current and obsolete shelfmarks for selected items in the Chinese collection.