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Archaeology for Continuing Education Short Course students: Oxford's online resources

Oxford's Online Resources

Oxford subscribes to a wide range of online resources which are available to students with an Oxford Single Sign on (SSO) from home.  To browse the full list of these resources use Databases A-Z.

If you do not have an Oxford Single Sign on (SSO), please see the 'Free online resources' tab.

If you are looking for a specific ebook or article, please see the tabs for 'Books' or 'Journals' instead.

Please find below information about resources including:

  • Online tools for literature searching
  • Key bibliographical databases

Online resources for literature searching

You can search for books, articles, conference papers, other publications and dissertations using SOLO, Google Scholar or Bibliographical Databases.   Below you will find some brief notes about each of these tools followed by a list of bibliographical databases for Archaeology.   For a more detailed comparison of the pro's and cons of SOLO, Google Scholar and Bibliographical Databases as literature searching tools please see 'Literature Searching Tools" under the 'Search Tips' tab.

Key Bibliographical Databases for Archaeology

Oxford Bibliographies Online