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Archaeology for Continuing Education Short Course students: Books

Finding books

On this page you can find out about:

  • Using SOLO to find books in Oxford Libraries 
  • Browsing the shelves at the Continuing Education Library for books on Archaeology
  • Finding books beyond Oxford

Using SOLO to find books in Oxford Libraries

You can use SOLO to find e-books and print books in Oxford Libraries.   Please see our top tips below or for more information see the SOLO or E-Books LibGuides.

Top Tips

  • Sign in to SOLO with your Oxford Single Sign on (SSO) or Library card details. 
  • Use the drop down menu to 'Search everything' or to specify 'online resources' (e.g. e-books) or a specific library.
  • Click 'View online' to link to an ebook or digital item.
  • For print books, click 'Find and request' to see which libraries have the book, whether it's available or out on loan, to place a reservation (for a book that is out on loan) and to order items from the 'closed stacks'.
  • Which libraries can you use?  This depends on which course you are taking. If you're not sure which libraries you can use, check the information on the 'Home' tab above.

Screenshot of SOLO options

Browsing your subject in the Continuing Education Library

Books of interest to Archaeology students are shelved in the Lower and Upper Library under the following classification numbers (Dewey Decimal Classification):

573.2-3  Human evolution 937 Rome and Italy to 476
930-939   Archaeology; Ancient history to c.499    938 Ancient Greece to 323
930.1    General Archaeology, methodology 941 British history
932 Ancient Egypt 941.006   History of the Landscape
936 Europe 948.022 Viking history

Oversize books are located in the Lower Library (001 – 936.283) and in the Reading Room (936.284 – 999) and pamphlets can be found in the Lower Library (001-999). A separate collection of books and pamphlets relating to Local History (Oxfordshire, Berkshire and Buckinghamshire) is also available in the Upper Library (001-942.59).


Searching for books beyond Oxford

Purchase suggestions

If you would like to request a resource for purchase, please contact giving full details of the book and brief details of the course or project you are working on.     Alternatively please fill in the book suggestion form.

Searching for books on a topic

You can search SOLO to find books on a topic. If you are looking for books on a British archaeology topic after 55BC, the Bibliography of British and Irish History can help you do a more structured search for books and book chapters, allowing you to specify the exact dates you are interested in.