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e-resources for Women's Studies: Introduction


This guide is intended as a quick introduction to finding and using key online resources for Women's Studies available via SOLO and Databases A-Z (the Bodleian Libraries platform for major e-resources) as well as some freely available web resources.


SOLO is the catalogue for the major collections of the libraries of the University of Oxford, where you will find detailed information about our library holdings, both in print and online. The databases on the A-Z platform can help you locate full text versions of original works, as well as references to books and journal articles on a particular topic.  You can print, download or email information retrieved from most of these.

Accessing eresources outside the Oxford network

For information on accessing electronic resources from outside the Oxford network using your Oxford Single Sign-On login, consult the information at: and

What is SOLO and what does it cover?


SOLO is the catalogue for the major collections of the libraries of the University of Oxford.   

A comprehensive online guide to SOLO is available from:

SOLO covers:

  • The physical holdings of the majority of libraries within the University of Oxford including the Bodleian Libraries and most college and departmental libraries
  • The University's collections of e-books, e-journals, articles online and databases available from our publisher subscriptions
  • Materials which the Bodleian Libraries receive via electronic legal deposit (eLD)
  • Research papers and theses deposited in the Oxford Research Archive (ORA)

The default is ‘Search Everything’. Use the dropdown to select other search options including individual libraries.

Search Everything:

Is a combined search of 'All libraries/collections' and 'Articles'  

All Libraries/Collections:

'All Libraries/Collections' is the best option to use when searching for a specific item in Oxford's printed or online* collections. It searches:

1. Printed and Physical Holdings

'All Libraries/Collections' searches the vast majority of the printed and physical holdings of the Bodleian Libraries and most Colleges and other libraries affiliated with the University of Oxford.  At the moment it does not search:

  • most manuscript collections (with the exception of theses) held in Bodleian Libraries. For information about catalogues and finding aids covering the Bodleian's manuscript collections please see the Special Collections guide
  • the John Johnson Collection of printed ephemera

2.  Online books, journals and databases

'All Libraries/Collections' searches the electronic holdings of the Bodleian Libraries including our world class collections of subscription e-journalse-books and databases, plus journal titles received via Electronic Legal Deposit  

*Please note that when you search for journals and databases in the 'All Libraries/Collections' option you can only search by journal or database title. You can not search within the journal or database itself. For example, in 'All Libraries/Collections' you can search for the journal Nature but you can not search for articles within Nature.  Similarly you can search for the database JSTOR but you can not search for articles within JSTOR. If you want to search for articles within journals and databases from SOLO use the 'Articles' option instead.  You can search for e-books by author, title or subject headings, but again you can not search within e-books, e.g. for chapter titles or specific words, using 'All Libraries/Collections'.

3. Items scanned as part of the Oxford Google Books Project

'All Libraries/Collections' searches scanned versions of (mainly 19th century) library materials digitised as part of the Oxford Google Books project.   

4. Oxford University Research Archive (ORA)

'All Libraries/Collections' searches research papers and theses by members of the University of Oxford,  which have been deposited in the Oxford Research Archive.


The Articles option searches for journal articles and papers drawn from these sources:

1. Primo Central - Primo Central is a cross-disciplinary resource comprising citations to about 400 million journal articles.  Please note that Primo Central performs a broad search engine type search which is comparable to Google Scholar and lacks many of the features and functionality of specialist subject databases. If you need to complete a thorough literature or systematic review, you are therefore advised to consult specialist databases in your subject area or to seek help from your subject librarian

2. Journal articles deposited via Electronic Legal Deposit.  

3. Articles from ORA (Oxford University Research Archive).

Specialist Materials:

At the moment SOLO does not search:

  • most manuscript collections (with the exception of theses) held in the Bodleian Libraries
  • the John Johnson Collection of printed ephemera

Take a look at Finding specialist materials for help with navigating these, and other specialist, materials.