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Refugee and Forced Migration Studies: News sources & analysis

Subjects: Refugee Studies


You will find a selection of news and analysis sources on this page.

To see a comprehensive list of materials available to the Bodleian readers go to


Terms you may encounter in your research

A document published regularly, consisting of news reports, articles, photographs, and advertisements traditionally printed on large sheets of paper folded together.

Online, or digital newspaper
An online version of a newspaper, either as a stand-alone publication (born digital), or as the online version of a printed periodical.

A periodical publication containing news or dealing with matters of current interest in any particular sphere. Can have physical and/or digital (electronic) format.

Online news sources

The tabs at the top of this section list a selection of newspapers, journals (magazines) and news portals of interest to those studying refugee and forced migration studies.

Help with news sources

For those wishing to learn more about searching for news sources in Oxford, we recommend the following guide:

To search for individual titles go to:

Below are a few newspapers and journals (magazines) that the Bodleian libraries subscribe to:

In addition to resources the Bodleian Libraries subscribes to, there are a number of alternative free online news sources resources available via IGOs and NGOs to support the study of refugee and forced migration studies.

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Current news

Latest from the Economist, Financial Times, the Wall Street Journal

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