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Linguistics: Books

A guide to linguistics collections and e-resources
Subjects: Linguistics


The majority of books held by the Bodleian Libraries, in both physical and electronic formats, can be searched via SOLO. On this page you will find recommended books, guidance on how to search for and access print and ebooks, and libraries in the University that might be relevant for your studies and research.

Physical books

Library collections for linguistics:

The Taylor Institution Library houses the largest linguistics collection, in the lower stack of the Research Collection and on the first floor of the Teaching Collection. Shelfmarks beginning with a single P are general linguistics, PA-PZ denote linguistics of various languages and other fields within linguistics. 

The following libraries hold linguistics collections:

  • Taylor Institution Library Research Collection - General Linguistics, Phonology, Phonetics, minority languages
  • Taylor Institution Teaching Collection - comprising undergraduate reading list materials and other introductory works
  • Linguistics of a particular language is placed within the relevant library, e.g. Arab linguistics can be found in the Oriental Institute Library, Chinese linguistics in the KB Chen China Centre Library.
  • Psycholinguistics and child language acquisition in the Radcliffe Science LIbrary
  • Applied Linguistics in the Education Library

Books with the location 'closed stack' are stored offsite and can be requested online via SOLO to any of the Bodleian Libraries' reading rooms. You'll be notified by e-mail when your requested title has arrived, usually within 24 hours.

Any book with the status 'available' may be borrowed.


Reference works





Ebooks are digital versions of written works. Broadly speaking they come in two forms: they are either 'born digital' or are digital reproductions of printed books. See the tabs above for details of different ebook resources relevant to those studying Linguistics.


Many ebooks have enhanced functionality, such as connectivity with reference management software, the ability to annotate and accessibility features.


Members of Oxford University can use ebooks that the Bodleian Libraries have purchased for free. Search for them on SOLO. They can be read on a desktop computer, laptop, tablet, e-reader or mobile phone; you just need your Oxford Single Sign On to access them. Individually purchased ebooks are all searchable on SOLO, but not all purchased ebook collections are, so it is important to visit the websites of ebook collections too. Look at the 'ebook collections' tab above.

Note, some ebooks have restrictive access and usage terms, for example they can only be read by one person at a time.

Some books are acquired via 'electronic Legal Deposit'. These must be read on a library desktop computer in one of the Bodleian Libraries. Further information on how to identify and access electronic Legal Deposit items on SOLO is at the link below.

Help with ebooks

The links below are provided for those wishing to learn more about ebooks.