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Linguistics: Linguistic tools

A guide to linguistics collections and e-resources
Subjects: Linguistics


Linguistics research often makes use of online tools such as part-of-speech taggers and language analysis tools. The list below is not exhaustive.




CLARIN  (European Research Infrastructure for Language Resources and Technology) contains many annotated resources mainly but not only in Germanic languages and tools such as a part of speech tagger. Access here CLARIN Corpora, Lexical Resources and Tools.

Tools :  

  • IntelliText The Intelligent Tools for Creating and Analysing Electronic Text Corpora for Humanities Research.
  • GATE The General Architecture for Text Engineering is free, open-source software for a wide range of computational tasks involving human language.
  • #LancsBox is a new-generation software package for the analysis of language data and corpora developed at Lancaster University
  • Language Technology Software The Language Technology Group makes available various software packages, often free to researchers.
  • Wordtree makes an interactive visual representation of corpus concordance data.

Linguistic Data Consortium tools. LDC develops tools to support evolving annotation tasks. All tools distributed by LDC are available at no cost under an open source license.

PRAAT phonetics software for speech analysis


Tagging and parsing tools

For tagging and parsing texts or corpora, have a look at this list of tools (Stanford) or at CLARIN Part of speech taggers.