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Middle East, North Africa & Turkey : legal resources: Constitutions

Subjects: Law: Foreign Law

Finding the text of constitutions

Websites for Jurisdictions

For those with the language skills, the websites of the publisher of the official gazette, official parliamentary websites or those of government ministries will often provide texts of constitutions and legislation.

The official websites of courts are the first place to look for at least key judgments.

Many countries have "citizens'" portals or websites too.

Finding Commentary

Note the variety in the shelf marks/ call numbers! Please ask a member of staff for directions to the various collections in the Law Bod.

General  and Jurisp books are on Level 2, the entrance level.

Shelf marks which begin with the name of a MENAT jurisdiction (eg Egypt) are on Level 1, one floor down from the entrance level.

If the shelf mark begins with name of a religious legal system (eg Islamic) please find these on Level 3, one floor above the entrance level.