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Middle East, North Africa & Turkey : legal resources: Books

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Finding books in the Bodleian Law Library

The Law Bod's collection is shelved over four floors. An interest in the laws of the MENAT jurisdictions may well see you visiting at least three! All the floors are connected by both stairs and a lift. Please feel free to ask a member of staff for directions when you visit the Law Bod, but the following is designed to give you a basic understanding.

The Law Bod shelves its collections of printed materials for the individual nations  on Level One, one floor below the entrance level.  The arrangement is alphabetical, by the English name of the jurisdiction. There is no further subject arrangement within each jurisdiction's collection, the books are arranged by the last name of the author or editor.

You may well find that there is more recent commentary about your jurisdiction between the covers of a comparative study or work on international law. For more help with these please click on the relevant tabs in this box.

On Level 2, the level at which you enter the Law Library, an area of the open shelf collection has books with shelf marks beginning General. 
This is where you will find comparative studies, and works surveying the response to legal problems in two or more jurisdictions. 
Sometimes the comparison will be between or among other MENAT states, sometimes between one or more MENAT states and another jurisdiction elsewhere in the world.

Books with shelf marks beginning Islamic and Jewish can be found on Level 3, one floor above the entrance level to the Law Library.  Both collections are predominately make up of works in Western European languages.

The following Bodleian guides may help you further in this area of study

On Level 3,  one floor above the entrance level to the Law Library, an area of the open shelf collection has books with shelf marks beginning Internat  (short for public international law). These books are further arranged by topic as described below.
If your interest is in human rights protection in this region, please consult the Bodleian guide on Human Rights

Also on Level 3 is an area of the open shelf collection with books with shelf marks beginning Private Int. (This is short for private international law or conflict of laws as it is sometimes called.) In this section books are simply arranged by the last name of the author or editor, not by topic.

The public international law collection on Level 3 is subdivided by broad areas of law. The divisions used are listed alphabetically below, with the corresponding shelf mark alongside. Within each shelf mark the books are next arranged by author/editor.

Air law  Internat 640

Atomic energy  Internat 600

Dependent states and special regimes  Internat 535

Economic law  Internat 590

European Court of Human Rights: literature Internat 575

General and theory Internat 500

History  Internat 510

Human rights  Internat 570

International crimes  Internat 580

International relations  Internat 660

Jurisdiction of states  Internat 560

Law of the sea and waterways  Internat 630

Nationality  Internat 565

Recognition   Internat 545

Servitudes  Internat 550

Social legislation and organisation  Internat 610

Space law  Internat 650

State responsibility  Internat 555

State succession  Internat 540

The state (as a legal entity)  Internat 530

Title to territory  Internat 520

Transport and communications (except sea, air and space)  Internat 620

Treaties (theory etc.)  Internat 670

International organisations History and general  Internat 680

General and regional political organisations Internat 681

League of Nations: general Internat 685

League of Nations: publications (series) Internat 686

United Nations: general  Internat 687

United Nations: publications (series)  Internat 688

Peace and disarmament Internat 700

International disputes and arbitration  General and theory  Internat 710 

Individual arbitration tribunals: literature Internat 740

International courts and tribunals: general Internat 720

Permanent Court of Arbitration: literature  Internat 730

Permanent Court of International Justice and the International Court of Justice: literature  Internat 725

Termination of war (including specific peace treaties)  Internat 760 

In 2000 HRH Prince Bandar Salman Al-Saud generously donated 360 books to the Bodleian Law Library. The books, in Arabic, mainly focus on international commercial law, including the international law governing the arbitration of disputes between countries, world trade, company law, bankruptcy, employment law, commercial law, banking and leasing; some deal with constitutional law, criminal law and civil law. Some books are comparative studies of aspects of law in two or more states. A small number treat the relationship of modern law with Islamic law (shariah). Some focus on Saudi Arabian law.

They are shelved on Floor 3 of the Bodleian Law Library immediately after the Islamic Law collection (which has books about Islamic law in European languages). The shelf marks start Bandar.

Special topics

Specialist UK Library

In England, the library at SOAS (University of London) is the principal collection for the study of Africa, Asia and the Middle East. It offers various categories of membership to academic researchers from other universities.